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Thanksgiving weekend, 2003-2009
The Bridie Goldstein Run for Children was held.

July 22, 2004
Presentation of a plaque in honor of Bridie
Casey Conference Center, St Mary's Campus of MercyFirst

June 26, 2003
Graduation Day at St. Mary's Children and Family Services in Syosset. A portion of the Bridie Goldstein Memorial Fund was used to provide an award for a student.

May 16th, 2003
The children and staff at St. Mary's Children and Family Services in Syosset planted a tree in Bridie's memory, as part of their Earth Day celebration.

May 4th, 2003
About 25 students and staff from St. Mary's walked with six puppies from the East Coast Assistance Dog program in Bridie's name, in an MS walk in Wantagh Park, and raised over $400 for the MS Society.

News Articles

November, 2006, AARC Times:
Ventilator Service in Bow Wow
(Story about Brooklyn, a service dog that Bridie looked after)

April 21, 2006, Massapequan Observer:
News From Massapequa Road Runners
(Video by Bud Zito includes memorial to Bridie and others)

August 2004, British Journal of Sports Medicine:
Bridie and 415,000 other runners were a part of this study of marathon runners.

January 2004, The Star, Southland Chicago:
A news story about Brooklyn, one of the dogs Bridie looked after

November 2003, Massapequan Observer:
Bridie Goldstein Race/Walk to Aid St. Mary's Children and Families Foundation

February 2003, ChemRx Gazette:
In Memoriam: Bridget Goldstein

January 2003, Newsday:
Memorial Fund
/ St Mary's-MercyFirst

January 2003, Western People:
Tragic death of Ballyhaunis woman in New York

January 2003, Newsday:
Remembering Her Youthful Spirit

January 1989:
Remembering Peter Gallagher, Bridie's Father

July 1973, Newsday:
Happy Ending

Early 1940s:
Marriage of Peter Gallagher and Mary Doogan, Bridie's Parents

Bridie Goldstein

Bridie Goldstein

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Derrintogher (pronounced derr-in-toe-her): the village between Ballyhaunis and Garranlahan in County Mayo, Ireland, where Bridie grew up

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